Thursday, June 18, 2009

DownTown Disney...Souvenirs + Earl of Sandwich...

We took a break from the Studios to do souvenier shopping and eat at Earl of Sandwich. I have always wanted to check it out. It was very yummy. We got there just after 12:30 and the place was mobbed. By the time we were done eating, it was fairly empty. So shoot for 1pm if possible.

We spent $41 and stuffed ourselves. Not bad for family of 5 ~ 3 kid sandwiches, 3 small strawberry shortcakes, 1 milk, 4 small sodas [splurge] 2 adult sandwiches

Once Upon a Toy. My son really wanted to build his own light saber so off we went. He and daddy had a blast and he was pretty happy with his...although I will say they had pre-made ones at star wars gift shop at the Studios that were double sided and slightly cooler. Oh well. But for $22 a great deal at WDW.

Now for 'the score'. My DD 8 yo did the fill the box with my little ponies thing [so cute]. We were thinking of one pony and all the outfits when this ultra-organized mom [laying out all the outfit pieces to make sure she had everything etc.] decides we need help. She is a super packer. She got a bed, 3 ponies and every princess outfit plus extras in our box....LOL. She had even more in hers but I felt guilty enough. The worker did say if you can fit it, get it. daughter was sooo excited. I asked the mom to please help me pack later!! $18!! Awesome.

When we went back to the condo for our break, all 3 kids [even my son] played with the ponies and played with them the rest of the vacation whenever they were bored. Perfect.

My oldest is my thrify girl and she has started pin collecting. She picked out some pins. Then we headed over to Mickey's Mart to see what we could get for <$10. We ended up with some Kooky pens that look like Mickey [these are trendy on the backpacks around here] and an adorable stitch stuffy that comes with a reversible velcro blanket. Souveniers officially done!

We also bought an $8 keychain with a hotel key at Tower of Tower and 2 mickey head jewel bracelets for $8 each at the parks.

So about $100 total on souveniers! And everyone was happy.

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