Monday, February 22, 2010

Campfire Singalong

We took the yellow bus to Meadow Trading Post...we wandered by the new pool area and splash area. Looks really nice but man is it crowded.

The campfire singalong was fun. We paid $4.25 for 3 sticks and a bag of marshamallows....not bad for Disney pricing. LOL. I liked the wood benches. Chuckwagon Bill was fun. The kids loved roasting marshmallows. Then Chip and Dale came out. It was great how they came to you instead of waiting in a line. The only bummer was you only met one or the other, not both. But the kids had a blast. I wanted to stay for Cars and spectro but it was our last night and we still had to pack....

We walked around a little on the way back. The comfort stations are super duper clean and nice. Wow! The trails are really nice and grounds pretty. It is a tad 'crammed in there' and 'swampy' [what we saw] but it's been raining pretty good.

I really wanted to go earlier and fish and do hayride...but you know how that goes...perhaps next time. DH really liked it so hopefully sometime we'll camp there.

The kids were all excited...camping and Disney...two favorite pasttimes!

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