Thursday, June 18, 2009

Budget Meal Planning....

This trip was a two-week vacation. One Week Disney One Week Anna Maria Island so we were a little more budget oriented than previous trips. This is the Disney portion of the meals.

The Walmart was too far and I'm directionally challenged so we bought Groceries at SuperTarget...

I used no coupons and bought more convenience foods than I normally would. Groceries for the week totaled $196. Reasonable. Included in this were 3 autograph books $2 each and 1 spray mist fan for $6. I also include a clearance 4 pack of soft soap for the bathrooms, toilet paper [4 pack] and 1 Viva paper towel roll, and a big ol' kid 3 in 1 shampoo.

I planned easy dinners: soft tacos, chicken enchiladas, pasta [knew we were going to do Olive Garden sauces]. We packed a few lunches at parks so bought lunch fixings. Bought healthy snacks, frozen fruit for smoothies, eggs, snacks for home, case of Bud for DH [brought wine for me from home], 2 cases bottled water, capri suns, etc. etc. fruit, salads, dressing, condiments, syrup, salsa, bread, etc. OJ & Milk.

We did also bring fillers from home...lots of dried fruit, trail mix, pancake mix from Trader Joe's, chips, pretzels, dips, etc.

I still had plenty left to take to AMI.

I made pancakes 3 times [had to use up box and syrup. LOL], sausage, eggs, fruit smoothies, yogurt and granola, cereal. We ate one breakfast out [Crystal Palace].



$35. Studios catering. Good healthy options and cheap!

Magic Kingdom
$120. Crystal Palace Breakfast Nice big buffet character meal.

Late Lunch.
$8 Pinnochio Village. Great yummy salad.
$28 Village Fry Shop. Hubby and kids had hot dogs and fries.

Animal Kingdom.
Yak and Yeti Counter Service Lunch. Yummy. Good choices.
$31 for all 5. Great deal.

Gerti's soft serve ice cream.
$9 for 4.

$36 Sunshine Seasons Great beet & goat cheese salad for me. Mmm. Mmm. My oldest had a great Chicken Veggie wrap she enjoyed. She had caesar dressing to dip it in. Other 2 had kids meals [1 was pbj meal deal; 1 was kid sub sandwich deal]. Hubby had big Italian sandwich.

$41 Earl of Sandwich. 3 kid sandwiches, 3 small strawberry shortcakes, 1 milk, 4 small sodas [splurge] 2 adult sandwiches.

$41 Logan Steak House. We went on Tuesday. I believe the deal is on Monday and Tuesday. Fabulous food and service for cheap! $That's even after tip!

$58. OUCH. Giordano's Pizza. But DH got lunch another day out of it. We split 2 salads. Had a deep dish meat and a cheese thin. Plus we had some alcohol. The deep dish was really popular with everyone. The cheese was 'ok'.

$FREE...we had received a $25 Olive Garden gift card and so we used it one night to get a couple sauces and breadsticks to go and I boiled pasta and made salad...Yummy easy and cheap-O. grand total including the $196 at Target ....$600 total for family of 5 for a week....Not bad for a vacation! And we were able to take a lot of it for our week at Anna Maria!

If we were onsite, the dining plan would have cost about $1133 including guess of $20 tip per night for the TS meals for our family with 3 over 10 and 2 under 10. So we saved $533 + there's always that extra meal you need to do. Good deal!! But we would have had a few nicer meals on the dining plan.

There you go!

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